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Today we went school shopping again. Yesterday we took 6 of the kids, and today we took Joren and his younger brother Ray-Mark. These two weren’t able to get their stuff yesterday with the rest of the group, because they were out collecting recyclable trash to sell and we didn’t have them enrolled. They are now though, so we got them all hooked up. Tin cans, cardboard, plastic and glass all have a value here. not much, but it keeps them going.

The first video is in the store that sells cheap Chinese stuff where we bought shorts, pants and a book bag. The second video I took because I thought some of you might want to see how the poorest of the poor live in the Philippines. Life at home is not so good for the boys, and these two kids prefer to sleep on the street rather than deal with an abusive, alcoholic dad. When we went there, they literally had no food,so I bought them 5 kilos of rice. The parents didn’t even appreciate it, or acknowledge it. They couldn’t have cared less that we were helping the two kids go to school. Anyway, the dad has moved and is building a new bamboo hut, complete with dirt floors and an outdoor toilet without a roof. Honey, I’m home! You will see that it’s kind of a nice setting next to the river and all, but if you heard about Sendong, the 2011 typhoon that caused flash floods and killed many people across the Philippines, this location is a stones throw away from the river where 150+ people were washed out to sea and perished. Not to safe in my opinion. It’s literally the next river over. Wonder why he’s the only one who built there? Let’s just pray for the kids’ safety and that the dad gets right real fast.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Btw, for $10/wk, we will provide breakfast and lunch for these two boys, Monday through Friday. One of the teachers has a friend who owns a little eatery and starts the day early enough for the boys to eat. We ate there this morning and the food is actually very good. I hope that will also help motivate the boys to wake up and go to school each day.

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