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One of the most visited social networking sites in the internet world today is Facebook. Many people literally got hooked to this site because of its many features. Facebook basically started as a very interesting site where people could re-connect, find new friends and play addicting games — well, good addiction that is. This social networking site became more interesting when it was discovered that it can be a good place for doing business.

Promote Your MLM on Facebook

There are certain steps you can take which will jump start your mlm business on Facebook. Here are 5 of those step and should be considered as follows:

5 Steps in Using Facebook

  • Set your goals – In any type of business, one needs to have a specific objective. Come up with something that is worth achieving and realistic. Like for instance, to be able to invite 20 friends daily who are 20-25 years old. This is an example of a good objective when you’re marketing in Facebook.
  • Identify your target market – Facebook has millions of users, that’s why you need to trim it down by coming up with a certain criteria for your target market and by way of categorizing. This will include gender, age, location, hobbies, profession, etc. You can use the profiles of your friends in Facebook to identify your market.
  • Gather friends – What makes a business grow is by having a large market and Facebook is one great venue for market penetration. Try to invite friends on a regular basis and make this a habit. Be aggressive enough to approach anyone that you came across with because who knows he / she will be one of your frequent customers.
  • Effective marketing strategies – Maximize the resources that you have. In Facebook, there is a space provided where you can write about your product and business. Always have strategies in mind that will make your market get interested in your product. You may come up with contests or some kind of a forum that will possibly put your product in the limelight. Post pictures that are clear and visible enough for your Facebook friends and customers.
  • Get comments or feedback – After closing a deal, do not forget to get some comments from your friends about the product. Tell them to either post their comments on your wall, leave a message on your inbox, or let you know of it by way of chatting. All of these are available on Facebook, which is so convenient.

Using Facebook for Business Requires Effort

It is easy to do business in Facebook, but it still needs a lot of your effort, of course. You have to be able to set an attainable goal to have a profitable business. You must maximize your marketing skills when using Facebook because it doesn’t only need a product to make a business work, but it also needs a lot of talent in promoting it.

What Will You do With Your Facebook Leads?

Let’s say you develop a strong presence on Facebook, what do you plan to do with them? Getting leads is great, but if you don’t have a good plan in place to turn those leads into new sponsors, distributors or customers, then what’s the point? If you are serious about your MLM business, you need to have a sales process or “sales funnel” to attract these people to you. That’s why you need an MLM Lead Capture System in place.

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    Very clever, I like that! And you know, I bet Google loves it too. 🙂 After all, we know how they like change.

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