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For over a decade, I've generated tons of leads for businesses across the USA through a series of popular websites, blogs and more. With my extensive knowledge of internet marketing and lead generation, I am now ready to personally help you increase both leads and phone calls. Upon watching the video below, please feel free to contact me at 651-303-4261 with your lead generation questions.

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Hello, and welcome to my “Free Internet Marketing” Blog. Since the internet is basically free, I try to use free internet marketing techniques. Therefore, I decided to put this blog up, to encourage people to use a do-it-yourself internet marketing approach. Occasionally, I need to hire a WordPress web designer to help me, or subscribe to a service or newsletter, but for the most part, I don’t pay SEO (Search engine optimization) companies to promote any of my websites.

I hope to provide you with as much information as I can regarding SEO tools/techniques and also some very clever ways to generate online leads. Generating internet leads has paid off nicely for me and I now look forward to rapidly expanding into other markets.  I know it can seem overwhelming and for many it’s much easier to just leave it to the pros. If that’s you, visit the link building page and I’ll do it for you.

I will share the tools I use on a day-to-day basis to achieve the kind of results which have enabled me to earn a substantial income online. Whether you are a friend of mine or have just stumbled across my blog, I will gladly offer some free advice so you can start promoting your business for free. Just call me at 651-303-4261, and I will offer any pointers I can, regarding high quality internet lead generatin, to help you achieve online marketing success.

I wish you great success with all your online lead generation and internet marketing endeavours!

Dave Trosdahl

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