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ACN Inc is a scam or a valid telecom carrier is the hot question that is getting being raised on different online forums. Online businesses are becoming a great source of earning a smart amount of profits and that too by sitting at your own home. there are different companies that offer certain business opportunities but as online businesses history is said to be littered with scams so every one tends to be cautious before joining one and getting associated with it whether it is a valid business or just a scam. ACN Inc is also a well known company offering business opportunity.

ACN Inc company profile

ACN Inc is basically a Detroit, Michigan based out Telecommunications Company. There is a wide range of products being offered by this company like Video phone, home telephone service, VOIP telephone service, direct TV, cell phone service etc. this company is in business for around fifteen years and it has managed to expand the circle of its business in twenty countries.

Offering valid business

• ACN is in the business for fifteen years and it is a fact that it has spread the range of its products and services in more than twenty years so t make it quite clear that it is a valid telecom carrier company.
• In this context, it will be quite clear that the business opportunities being offered by it are truly valid as they have been recognized by the governments of other countries as well.
• There are three main methods that ACN uses to pay commissions to its associates.
• These three different methods are personal residual income, overriding residual income and bonuses.
• According to these three methodologies, commission plans are being devised and those who become the part of this online marketing business get to be paid under the clauses of these three income plans.

A scam or not

ACN is not a scam rather a valid telecom carrier offering valid business opportunity. It has devised a whole income plan for those who get this opportunity to associate themselves with this online marketing business. You get the commissions and bonuses on the base of acquiring yourself customers; those customers acquiring more customers also pay you in form of commissions and bonuses and most importantly, the biggest source of income comes to your pocket when you recruit new representatives. It pays you huge bonuses.

ACN Inc is a valid telecom carrier or a scam

It can be concluded on the whole that ACN Inc is a valid telecom carrier and not a scam. Like every other online business opportunity, you need to take cautious and vigilant steps to excel in that business and to earn profits and income from it. And same goes in case you consider joining ACN Inc as an online marketing business.

  1. Comment by Gregory Toussaint
    February 17, 2010 @ 9:12 pm

    Are you in ACN???

    Can you help me out with the comp plan?

  2. Comment by admin
    February 17, 2010 @ 11:12 pm

    Sorry but I am not in ACN. Let’s hope somebody else it who can help explain their comp plan to you though. Any ACN people out there who can enlighten us?

  3. Comment by Tom
    October 20, 2010 @ 7:08 am

    I was an ACN rep a nobody could ever explain how to make a thousand dollars with our recruiting, that is why I left. Anyone involved in a mlm should be able to show a new person how to make a 1,000.00 dollars or a least how to get your investment back

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