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Many people wonder why it is important to rely on blogging when they can pay for Google Adwords or hire an internet marketing agency which would get tons of visitors to their website. Internet marketing is not just about getting traffic to your website. It’s about getting prospective customers close to your doorsteps. Then it is the responsibility of the designers of the website and content writers to woo the customer to make a decision to buy something. Prospective customers are driven towards a website by a positive vibe. A blog about a product or service is a positive word being spread on the internet for free. This blog is not just about great product being offered by a company. The blog will provide other meaningful information as well. Once the readers of the blog are able to trust a blog post, there is a good chance that they will also trust a recommended product or service. Best internet marketers worldwide heavily use blogs as a means to achieve targeted sales and brand recognition.

Here are set of guidelines to use blogging as a useful internet marketing tool:

  1. Information First: Most people make a big mistake by writing blogs that just include features and facts about a particular product. Internet marketing is about involvement of reader with your content, story or proposal. Unless you make it useful by supplying related information, facts, figures and reviews, a blog appears dry and lifeless. Make your product primarily information and advice centric. Once the readers trust the author of the blog, pitch your product or service.
  2. Marketing Second: It’s not absurd but intelligent to do so. Internet marketing blogs appear as a blatant lie if they directly start pitching a product or service.
  3. A Great Headline is a Must: There is only one purpose of a great headline – to make the user read the first sentence of the blog. As soon the reader is onto the first sentence, blogger should make every possible attempt to supply information that user might have been looking for.
  4. Recommend: In the middle of all the information and story, recommend your product and leave a link. Mention the benefits and features of the product in a few lines. It’s important that you have built rapport for these features in earlier paragraphs of the blogs. For example, first paragraph of a blog meant to drive traffic to a website selling solar water heaters will mention the problems with an ‘electric’ heater. When the blogger recommends a water heater using green energy, he is really making a point. That’s the key to internet marketing.
  5. Don’t overdo, Mention some flaws also: It’s a great technique to mention a dozen benefits of your product and then mention one minor flaw. A minor flaw fit for telling a reader in a blog is the one that reader is not bothered about. It helps in winning the trust of the visitors to the blog. Once the visitor clicks on the recommended link, he is your prospective customer. He has learnt about the product or service you are offering and he is twice as much likely to buy it than a regular visitor drawn by the link building service or internet advertising banner.

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