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Buzzirk mobile is a wireless service carrier and is backed by United Technologies. It provides wireless VOIP service between users on its network with the conventional land-line and other cellular services. The company provides business opportunities apart from the other cellular services that it has to offer to its clients. The income earning opportunity that it provides is based on monthly commissions and other rewards which surely makes it into a business earning opportunity.

Company Profile and its Product

Buzzirk Mobile is a wireless service carrier that is backed by United Technologies and provides wireless VOIP service between the users on its network based on a low priced communication network to the traditional land-line and other cell phone network and services. They have also introduced services such as unlimited voice, text, and data service at extremely low prices which is a unique feature of the industry. The company also provides a G5 premier cell phone technology.

Buzzirk- an MLM based business

• Buzzirk mobile services is an MLM based opportunity that offers commission based rebates and cash offers to its clients as a direct business opportunity and an income earning capacity to its clients.
• This company offers monthly based commissions to its customers. They are based on a 3x 9 forced matrix which pays 9 levels deep.
• The company also offers bonuses such as 50% matching bonus on all those who are personally sponsored by you.
• The commissions are based on the way you market the Buzzirk product and hence make an earning out of it in some way or the other.
• The bonuses are generally rewarded by the company each time you make a new deal and sign up new representatives.

Buzzirk – Do we hear something MLM overrated?

Buzzirk is one of the companies whose MLM claims to legitimate have been questioned. But when one searches and sees overall, it is basically seen that you can hear a lot of legitimacy about Buzzirk as being a true MLM business opportunity. It can be surely said that Buzzirk is definitely not an overrated MLM business opportunity.

Buzzirk- a valid business opportunity

Buzzirk Mobiles have been successful for as long they have provided their services to their clients. They have been successful in providing valid business opportunities to their clients and have been popular in this regard as well. They have provided a profitable compensation plan with proper share of bonuses and commissions but like all the other MLM based business deals, you need to invest your time and skills in the proper way to attain the right income out of the whole process.

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