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For over a decade, I've generated tons of leads for businesses across the USA through a series of popular websites, blogs and more. With my extensive knowledge of internet marketing and lead generation, I am now ready to personally help you increase both leads and phone calls. Upon watching the video below, please feel free to contact me at 651-303-4261 with your lead generation questions.

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Does Your Business Need More Leads?

The internet can be a great source for generating leads for nearly any business. Done right, you can get high quality, targeted leads, delivered to your email, as a text message, or even as a phone call. Done wrong, internet marketing lead generation programs can become nothing more than an added expense and just another source of frustration.

Are People Finding Your Website?

So you have a nice website, now what? If visitors are searching for your product or service but can't find you what good will it do? If your strategy involves people entering a url from your business card or a promotional piece, forget it. If you aren't at or near the top of the first page in the search engines, they will quickly become your competitors new customer.

Do You Have a System in Place to Generate Online Leads?

Are you going to use Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or some other form of targeted advertising? No matter what, you will need a system in place which is simple to follow and produces a desired result.

Who's Got the Best Online Lead Generation System?

Confused? You're not alone. Unfortunately, there is so much old and misinformation out there from the latest so-called "internet marketing guru" that one can quickly become overwhelmed. The truth is, if it's cheap and easy, it probably isn't going to help you much. generating online leads is either hard work, expensive or both, but THE PAYOFF CAN BE HUGE!

Which "Internet Guru" Should You Team-Up With?

Well for starters, are they easy to contact? Is there a phone number on their website? Are they available when you have a question? Are they able to share real-time results with you? Can they truly demonstrate their abilities to produce online leads and not just hype? If you've answered yes to these questions you may have already found your "internet guru". If not, watch the video and give me a call: 651-303-4261,

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We are an online marketing firm, located in Dumaguete City, and are looking for great writers. We need writers to create content (blog posts, facebook and twitter posts, and more) for both corporate websites and social media sites.

Working for our company will help you improve your English writing and speaking skills and you will have the opportunity to put your work in front of thousands of visitors on a daily basis, while supplementing your income with a generous salary plus awesome bonuses. Article assignments average 300-500 words and topics cover a range of areas, including local and regional directories, travel websites, product and service reviews, and more. You will be assigned topics to cover and reasonable research time allotted, in order to position yourself as an expert on the subject.

banned from fiverr

Once you’ve been banned from fiverr, good luck getting your account unsuspended. I use fiverr to work with vendors to do some of my SEO work, as part of the internet marketing service I provide. Speaking from experience, there’s no second chances with fiverr. I was banned for no reason other than I claimed I was violating their TOS. That was their only explanation. I had done $100’s if not $1,000’s of dollars in business and the only “glitch” I ever had was receiving a warning about attempting to contact their sellers. I realized my error and never did it again. Then about 1 year later, they banned me. I corresponded with them briefly, until they quit responding to my request for more specific reasons.

Creating an online profile with Google Places requires a thorough research and accuracy in presenting the details and profiling of the business in correct measures. Though it is free, and does not involves any cost or hidden expenses yet the corporate are taking it very seriously as it is to their fathom that Google Places profile is one of the most important marketing and visibility measures that the company can undertake. Being known for the wrong reasons can prove disastrous and thus it gets imperative that the business leaders spare time to concentrate upon developing and building one of the most impressive business profiles on the internet.YouTube Preview Image

In the era of keyword optimization the semantic and the verbal language plays a very vital role in the field of information search over internet. If your profile lacks the essential keywords, it would never reflect in the search results thereby mitigating the entire efforts of the team to optimize internet presence. Google places initiate with the listing of your company profile. It further elevates the profile as it gives benefit of adding images or even video clips along with the profile information. Once your business is listed in this section, it would automatically bring customers to your website. The greatest benefit is that when a potential customer is searching or browsing for similar business profiles, your business being in the similar field also gets reflected in the search results and thereby increases the chances of being visited, if it is highlighted with correct and accurate captions or synopsis.

Internet marketing is a widely used term nowadays. With the advent of internet, information movement, branding, customer evaluation and several other parameters of day to day business have undergone considerable changes. Marketers who are assigned with a task to create an internet marketing strategy for a particular product are often confused because of the volatile nature of internet and its users. First, they are baffled to know the rapidly increasing number of agencies and individuals who tag themselves as internet marketers. Second, they have no idea which particular internet marketing method to follow. Everyone who is new to internet marketing should consider following points before making a decision to spend their valuable time or money:

The many assets provided by internet marketing to the world of business cannot be ignored. The term internet marketing or web marketing is a very versatile one and has transcended barriers of language, region and age to affect businesses in a very significant way. Developing a good strategy is one of the key elements of success in any business venture. Let us now look at some key elements of internet marketing strategies that have been tested time and again and has produced good results for businesses the world over.

In order to be termed as top runner or to capture the top spot, every business in the market is on a big run. All forms of business go by the basic goal of customer service and with internet marketing it is the same case. As internet marketing explores itself with different products and services day in and day out, it has got its own substantial identity so that they will be able to reach all spheres with their products and services and with this internet marketing comes as a single source that will be able to satisfy all the needs of its users. If one wants to run a successful business in any field, one needs to achieve consumer satisfaction as it is one of the main goals. Consumer satisfaction should be achieved because success and progress of any product and service of any company can be achieved only when consumers are satisfied.

As you dream about skyrocketing sales this year, pay proper attention towards the organization and effectiveness of your internet marketing plan. There are few key points about an effective internet marketing plan that you should always remember. Plan your strategy and thoroughly think through your options, rather than taking a scatter gun approach.

A great online marketing plan should include a careful evaluation of the following:

  1. Internet marketing plan of some other product or company may not suit you. Your offering, product or service is unique and it is this uniqueness that demands a different approach.
  2. You need not spend hefty sum of money to let everybody know about the wonderful product or offer that you have on your website. Expensive doesn’t always mean better.

Internet marketing tools are a dime a dozen. When used effectively internet marketing tools greatly augment the chances of building a successful business. There are many marketing tools that are highly effective and free of cost. It becomes a great asset for a small company to utilize these tools and gain the maximum benefit from these tools. An asset to developing and implementing a successful internet marketing campaign, they also generate mass incomes for even the indirect user and consumer. Let us now look at some of the popular type’s internet marketing tools.