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I just thought I would share the good news. Of the 9 kids we sponsored, 8 are in school and doing very well (Filimino decided school wasn’t for him).

We met with the teachers for 3 of the students and they were singing their praises. They also said that if they do well, they can test out of the grade they are in and move up! Romel is 16 and is in the 3rd grade, so the teachers are hoping he can move up a grade or two this year. The 8 kids are spread out across 4 different schools, so I will try follow up with them next week. The kids stay in contact with each other and from what they are telling me, all of the kids are doing really well. If what they are telling me is true, 4 of the students have had perfect attendance. The only reason the others missed, was because the social worker told them they had to attend a seminar. The principle is going to have a discussion with the social worker about that, so it won’t happen again.

Just thought I would let you know, that there are now a total of 9 kids in school. I made a deal with them that if they would go to school everyday for 2 weeks, I would buy them button up shirts and long pants.

Yesterday when I checked on them, all but one had not missed a single day. The one who missed had a birthday and said he went to some relatives if I understood correctly. I thought that was a pretty valid reason, so he got a shirt and pants too. Now they need shoes, so I told them they would have to wear their flip-flops until I had more money, or more people helped.

Today we went school shopping again. Yesterday we took 6 of the kids, and today we took Joren and his younger brother Ray-Mark. These two weren’t able to get their stuff yesterday with the rest of the group, because they were out collecting recyclable trash to sell and we didn’t have them enrolled. They are now though, so we got them all hooked up. Tin cans, cardboard, plastic and glass all have a value here. not much, but it keeps them going.

Thanks to those of you who have said you want to help. Sherry, John, Mary and Bill, you are awesome!

Just a quick photo/video update this time.

Today we went to meet with Grace at her store and come up with a plan. She’s the Filipina-Canadian who has already been helping a street kid go to school. After meeting with her, we decided that 4 of the 6 kids needed haircuts, so we took care of that and had lunch afterwords.

It’s been quite a while and many of you have been asking how it’s going down here in the Philippines. I am now quite settled in and am learning the local dialect, Bisaya. The Central Visayas is the most beautiful part of the Philippines in my oponion, and Bisaya is the 2nd largest language, next to Tagalog, the national language. Initially, I had really hoped the 400 years of Spanish rule would’ve had more influence on the language, but not so. Counting, telling time and a few other words are the only things the same as Spanish. The rest is all new to me, and learning it is a slow process. Especially at age 37. 😉