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Online marketing is growing rapidly at present, but where exactly should you advertise.  A lot of people would like to know whether social network marketing is more effective than web advertising using services like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing’s Search Advertising.   Social network marketing on sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, ShoutLife and others offer a form of free advertising, but is it worth all the effort? Well, let’s find out the difference between social network marketing and web advertising.

Social Network Marketing vs. Web Advertising

  1. Social network marketing, when viewed from a marketing stand point, is better in terms of promoting products and services because the approach is much more personal. You get to interact with your customers when you use social networking as you marketing tool. While in web advertising, it is somewhat conventional in nature where advertisements are viewed just like in a billboard or a newspaper.
  2. In social network marketing, you get to answer questions of your friends or customers the soonest possible time. You can clarify things as fast as you could possibly can. While in web advertising, you don’t get a quick response when you have a query about a product and you might even need to do some research about a certain product.
  3. In social network marketing, it is much easier to get customer information because they are readily available in your friends’ profile. There is no need to always assume on specific data when you settle for social network marketing. While in web advertising, you do not have a verified data about your customers and just depend on the number of “clicks”.
  4. In social network marketing, you can directly offer your products to your friends or followers by posting messages or pictures on your wall. While in web marketing, you just have to wait for the response of customers and just relying on the advertisement that is constantly flashing on the screen.
  5. In social network marketing, you can make announcements, major events, or products updates on your wall whenever you like. While in web advertising, you still have to get in touch with the particular persons to make the necessary changes in your advertisement, which is time consuming and costly for that matter.
  6. In social network marketing, you get to gather relevant feedback from your customers truthfully and faster, and these will certainly be a big help in enhancing your products or services.  Truthfully because most of your customers are your friends or followers that you are able to talk to and having to do business with in a personalized manner. While in web advertising, it will take some time before you can gather facts because you don’t get to interact with your customers and sometimes you don’t get feedbacks and leave you hanging.

Web advertising is still considered to be an effective marketing or advertising tool, but with the birth of social network marketing, there has been a big shift in momentum.  Therefore, it can be safely said that social network marketing is far more effective than web advertising.

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