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The many assets provided by internet marketing to the world of business cannot be ignored. The term internet marketing or web marketing is a very versatile one and has transcended barriers of language, region and age to affect businesses in a very significant way. Developing a good strategy is one of the key elements of success in any business venture. Let us now look at some key elements of internet marketing strategies that have been tested time and again and has produced good results for businesses the world over.

  • Search engine optimization: Search engine optimization or SEO as it has popularly come to be known is the process of allowing one’s website or product to feature high in searches. Most internet users gain information about a product by the means of a search engine. SEO ensures that a particular site turns up higher in a customer search. Since there are so many products in the market today it becomes very important for a business to make sure that their product is the first one accessible to a potential customer who is searching for information regarding the product.
  • Affiliate marketing: A very effective form of internet marketing where a business expands by way of rewarding customers and clients who rope in more clients. It simply involves creating a down-source of customers where each affiliation is rewarded in some way or another. This form of marketing has become very effective and mutually beneficial for the customer and the client.
  • Direct e-Commerce: This is a more direct way of internet marketing. Here there exists a direct relationship between the customer and the business or one business to another related business. Transfer of money, information, inventories over the medium of the internet has come as a surge in recent years and seems is here to stay as more and more businesses mobilize over the internet.
  • Website marketing: There are many companies who do not necessarily sell through the internet directly. What these companies do in turn is that they develop a base of articles and supply information on their products and distribution centers to the customers and thus passively gain advantage from internet marketing. This is also a vastly popular form of marketing and where the customer has the option of researching any investment however small before making purchases.
  • Digitized marketing: This form of marketing goes a little beyond just the internet and aims at delivering services as a primary. It is a personalized way of catering to individual needs and is carried on not just through the internet but also through mobile and other such advanced media.
  • Email marketing: Warm and friendly emails to customers and potentials makes it easier for a business to expand its reach and also add more of the personal touch. This form of internet marketing gains points from the fact that emails have become a practice of unfailing habit for professionals in all spheres of life.

As we begin to head towards a globalized economy the role of internet marketing in our world today can no longer be ignored. It is as often said the market of the future and it is here and now.

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