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Exfuze drink is one of those products that are being claimed to have some extra nutritional power. Besides offering a health product, the company also offers a home based business opportunity. There are so many companies coming and emerging with the promises of high end profits and along with these, the number of those companies is also increasing that prove to be sheer scam. Exfuze offers an MLM based business opportunity and whether it is scam or not will be discussed in this article.

Company and its product

Ezfuze Company is being founded by two brothers Rick Cotton and Don Cotton. This company is said to be consisted of a highly efficient team that not only offers quality product but a home based business opportunity as well. Exfuze drink is claimed to come with a higher ratio of nutrients that are very vital and beneficial for the health. This juice is being made from the extracts of the super foods including pomegranate, aloe Vera, concord grapes and wild blue berries. Exfuze drink is said to have antioxidant and healing powers.

MLM based business structure

• Exfuze offers a home based business opportunity as well that is being devised on the MLM structure.
• You can become the distributor of this product and can earn commissions and profits by marketing and selling this product.
• Exfuze offers compensation plan that is based on binary structure where you as a distributor are supposed to build two legs in order to earn commissions and profits.
• There are seven different procedures and provisions being set by the company through which you can start earning your money.
• these seven methods are Retail Profit from Retail Sales, PC Bonus from Preferred Customer Sales, Fast Start from Upgrade Pak Sales, Matching Fast Start from Personal Distributor Upgrade Sales, Binary Team Commissions from sales in the Binary Team, and Chairman’s Bonus and Director Matching Pool from Personal Team sales achievement.

Exfuze drink-7 Botanical Extracts or 1 big MLM Scam

Exfuze drink is a product that comes with many nutritional benefits and MLM home based business opportunity as well. As far as the business opportunity is concerned, Exfuze drink is not a scam rather it provides with an opportunity to earn commissions by becoming a distributor of this product.

Exfuze drink- A valid business opportunity

Exfuze offers a business opportunity that is absolutely legitimate and valid. The success of marketing business relies on the skill of the marketer and same rule goes for this company as well. You need to put your heart and soul along with making the most of your skills and abilities so that you can be able to earn commissions and bonuses if you are considering becoming a distributor of Exfuze drink.

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