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Facebook is a social network that does not only give you fun and excitement, but it can also be used as a marketing tool for your mlm business. Using Facebook is not always about re-connecting with your long lost friends in high school or college, or relaxing through various games, but it can also be a means to make your network marketing business be made known to your friends. It is, likewise, a great way to get connected with your clients and giving them updates about your product.

There are ways in which you can expand your business and most certainly your income through Facebook. You, of course, have to establish a group of friends starting with the ones you know and expaning your connections with those that your friends know. In this manner, your group of friends will eventually grow into a much bigger group that you can call your market. Facebook allows you to post on your wall links that will direct your friends to your website or blog that speaks more of your product per se.

Facebook Status – Inderctly Promote Your MLM

Facebook has a status box where you can write about all your activities. The status box is the perfect place where you can write about the product that you are offering through your mlm business, and you can even take pictures of your offerings to be posted on your wall where your friends can have a view of it. Be as creative as possible when posting messages on your wall on Facebook, which means don’t sound like an advertisement over the radio or on TV. For instance, instead of saying “Buy 1, Take 1”, why not say “Do you want more from me?”, and post a picture of your featured product. This will make your friends get curious of what you’re talking about. This is just one strategy where traditional mlm marketing is ruled out over a modern technique.

Share Your MLM Message – Facebook Groups

To further increase your market in Facebook, you may join different groups which have members that you think can be added to your prospective clients or customers. As much as possible, interact with your friends in a regular basis and, take note, one-on-one. Don’t overuse the status section of the Facebook in reaching to your market as it may be too general. There are times that your friends might overlook your status because the news feeds may be too many. Once in awhile, try to have a conversation with your friends individually by way of chatting. You can easily see who’s online by just clicking on the chat icon located at the lower portion of the page.

One important factor in making your business grow is to have a personal approach with your customers, and Facebook can be an amazing tool in achieving this. Consider Facebook as a business partner. Learn to use it in the right way and you will definitely get what you deserve — more friends, bigger market and greater income.

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  1. Comment by zeeshaan mohammed
    February 20, 2010 @ 4:23 am

    hey.. i have a question about facebook and google search engine optimizations… could you please look into it here – http://www.zeeis.me/blog/search-fb-google-result-facebook-question-for-all-seo-experts/ …(not a spam .. im desperately seeking an answer..)

  2. Comment by admin
    February 20, 2010 @ 7:31 am

    The answer has nothing to do with Facebook’s on-page SEO. It has everything to do with the millions of people across the globe who have linked to facebook using “fb”. For example, web designers, programmers and lay people do this by associating images named fb.jpg which might link to a facebook profile etc. Some may use an alt tag which links to facebook.com. Do a search for “fb” with quotes and you will see what I mean. I hope this helps. – Dave

  3. Comment by business it solutions
    March 3, 2010 @ 12:33 am

    The rest of the information seemed only to highlight what customers might choose to be Facebook fans not what Facebook did to improve their social marketing performance.

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