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Internet marketing is a widely used term nowadays. With the advent of internet, information movement, branding, customer evaluation and several other parameters of day to day business have undergone considerable changes. Marketers who are assigned with a task to create an internet marketing strategy for a particular product are often confused because of the volatile nature of internet and its users. First, they are baffled to know the rapidly increasing number of agencies and individuals who tag themselves as internet marketers. Second, they have no idea which particular internet marketing method to follow. Everyone who is new to internet marketing should consider following points before making a decision to spend their valuable time or money:

  1. What kind of product or service are you willing to market? If your target customer understands the product and its needs, you need not spend time educating an online user about that. However, this is true for a very few products and services. In such cases, you can directly opt for banner advertising or buy advertising keywords from Google or any other website of your choice.
  2. Does your product offer value which is helpful to society in some way? More than just business, you can emphasis your products positive image through blogs and articles on internet. Blogging proves to be a very helpful tool to help build a positive reputation of your company, brand or product. If you are creative enough, you can always find one or two features in your offering which are helping people or world at large. This makes a good story and people like it. Such stories can be best told on the blogs and emails. If your product or service falls in this category, blog marketing and viral emails are the best internet marketing tools for you.
  3. Are you selling something that people like to talk about? Selling a product, spreading awareness about a service or promoting an event becomes a lot easier if an internet marketer observe the coherent internet phenomena. Say, for example, you are selling T-Shirts that are truly special because of diversity and originality of designs. Best place to market such a product will be at social networks. Create a phenomena, let people participate and you will end up with twice as much sales than spending extensively on banner advertising. If you can talk to your friend about the product your company is selling, it actually fits this category. Use social network based marketing techniques and create a viral movement through blogs. Though, banner advertising can also help. Interactive marketing has its own advantages.
  4. How do people find the products that you are selling? Many people find the products, relevant information and pricing details on search engines before they actually buy on an online store or even register themselves for a free course. Search engine optimization is ideal internet marketing technique that you should rely on. Users tend to learn about a product or service on internet because information is easily available and it doesn’t cost a dime. While you can always learn some SEO techniques at your own, do find SEO professionals if you are doing some serious business online.

Internet marketing is not just about one or two techniques. It’s about creating a perfect mix. However, one or two of the techniques should be kept in the priority list. These techniques are the ones that best match the frequency of your product or service.

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    November 11, 2010 @ 5:18 am

    i read it and i agree with you. and now internet marketing is grow and grow

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