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Melaluca is another marketing company that also comes under the scrutiny whether it is a legitimate business opportunity or just a scam. Online businesses are becoming quite frequent and there are many such folks who like the idea of earning profits and that too by sitting in their own homes and in this context, there are many such companies that offer different types of opportunities. Melaluca is one such company that for sure is not scam rather it does offer a legitimate business opportunity.


Melaluca is not a new name rather it is an old and established company that was founded in 1985 as a Wellness company. Though, in the beginning, it was not such a big name but with the passage of time, it has gained quite a considerable prominence. the products being offered by this company are personal care items, nutritional supplements, cleansers for households and for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc. the main ingredient of the products is the extract from the plant of Melaleuca as this company happens to be an environment friendly company by promoting organic products for different purposes.


  • Melaleuca Company has a marketing plan that is more prone towards consumer direct marketing.
  • All those who want to become a part of this marketing plan are supposed to use the same marketing strategy for selling the products and getting the members enrolled.
  • you can sell the product by doing the direct marketing with the consumer which not only gain you a customer but the promotion of the company will be increased as well when the down line of customers will be built by you.
  • This tends to give a rise to the growth rate of the company and ultimately, all those associated with this business get to earn profits.
  • Though one thing is to be kept in mind that finding new members and customers for this company may not be difficult in the beginning as you can find those in your near circle of friends and family but once, you have to step out of that circle and do the marketing in order to sell products, then it can be tough.
  • Melaluca- a scam or not

    On the whole, it is to be stated that Melaleuca is not a scam but a legitimate business opportunity but it takes a lot to keep pace with it in order to finding new recruits all the time in order to sustain the rate of growth, success and profits.

    Melaluca- a legit business opportunity and not a scam

    Though, Melaluca is a business that is not meant for everyone but this definitely does not mean that Melaluca is not a legitimate business opportunity or a scam because it unquestionably, is a legit business opportunity.

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