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Monavie is a scam or a valid home based business is going to be analyzed in this article, on the basis of which it could be concluded whether it is a scam or not.

Monavie- The Company Profile

Monavie is another company that runs on a marketing network and offers profitable home based business opportunities. With so many other marketing network based companies, the level of different online scams is also getting higher. So, whenever anyone tries to initiate a home based business through the means of internet, the fear of being hooked remains there whether the company is real and tangible or not. Monavie is a fast growing company in this regard and one thing is sure that it is not a scam rather a valid home based business opportunity.

A Valid Home Based Business

There are many network marketing companies out there that offer home based business opportunities but it always tend to be very confusing as to know whether the company is a solid and valid one or just a scam. Monavie is one such company that is creating a lot of buzz on the online forums as t is offering business opportunities and every body seems to talk about the fact whether this opportunity is a real one or a scam. Anyways, as mentioned above, this is not a scam.

· Monavie is a company which is primarily based on network marketing and was originated by Salt Lake City, UT.

· The products that are being offered buy it, is a varied range of juices that contain acai berry and other fruit extracts and it is being boasted by the company that these juices own the highest rate of antioxidants which no other product in the market has. Well, this is to be debated because there are many products in the market with acai berry extracts and saying that theirs is the best product.

· As far as the business opportunity is concerned; it is there if you want to be a distributor of these juices. Monavie is based on network marketing so it involves a chain of distributors in order to get its products being marketed and sold.

· The income plan is based upon PV (point volume) where you as a distributor get to be paid according to a binary compensation plan.

· Fifty percent of bonuses get to be paid in form of matching bonuses, infinity bonuses, leadership pool etc.

Monavie- a scam or not

the whole, it can be concluded that Monavie is a quality brand that offers valid home based business opportunities and it is not a scam. This company does offer quality products and a quality opportunity to earn income.

Monavie- a proven and legit business opportunity

All those who want to be a part of this, should not be afraid of the fact that their hard work and investment will come to a devastating end because Monavie certainly provides with a valid and legit home based business opportunity. and, it is a fact that really handsome amounts of profits can be earned by getting affixed with this company.

  1. Comment by st kilda sea baths
    February 12, 2010 @ 9:15 pm

    Many don’t believe in home based businesses for several reasons. Sometimes the hype on the site is just too incredible for anyone in their right mind to believe possible… and in most cases they are right – the claims are unrealistic.

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