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Numis Network is a new company based on MLM strategy that is offering people an opportunity to earn a handsome amount of income. Like all the other MLM based companies, it is also making the same vibes related to its legitimacy whether it is a valid business opportunity or just a scam.

Company profile and its product

Numis Network is a company that has been created with the purpose of putting together the greatest number of coin collectors in America. Basically and primarily, it catches the attention and interest of those who tend to have great interest in coin collection and with this interest of theirs, they get a chance to earn an income as well that is being provided by this company. Numismatic Coins (collection of collectable coins) is the product that is being offered by this company.

Numis Network- an MLM based business

• Numis Network is an MLM based company that offers a direct selling business opportunity for those who get affiliated with it.
• This company offers a collection of collectable gold coins and they offer a business opportunity where you can become the distributor and marketer of this product and can earn your income through this.
• This company states that it offers a very profitable compensation plan in form of bonuses and commissions if you want to be a part of it.
• This compensation plan is being devised on the binary system where you are required to build two legs and then, there are different levels of those legs with their respective amounts of commissions and bonuses.
• bonuses are also being rewarded when you sign up new representatives and besides this, if you do the monthly auto ship of your down line, then you are given a handsome amount of commission as well.

Numis Network – Is this Gold Coin MLM Overrated?

Numis Network is one of those newer companies based on MLM that are creating huge discussions regarding its legitimacy. But when it gets to be researched, it becomes quite clear that this Gold Coin MLM is definitely not overrated rather it is quite true in its validity.

Numis Network- a valid business opportunity

The success of Numis Network as a valid business opportunity is not overrated and exaggerated rather it is very legitimate. This company does offer a sound direct selling business opportunity especially for those who tend to have a knack for coin collection. There is a profitable compensation plan with the due share of bonuses and commissions but like every other MLM based business, you need the right amount of time and skill invested in this business to earn and generate profit out of it.

  1. Comment by LTC Insurance
    March 22, 2010 @ 9:42 am

    An awesome opportunity! In these economic times you can’t go wrong in buying some gold or silver. I personally am trying to buy equal dollar amounts in gold and silver coins. Numis sounds like a great mlm.

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