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There are many important aspects of creating a website that will be loved by the search engines and by your visitors, but none as important as having words on pages. Sounds simple I know, but ask any web designer what their biggest frustration is and they will typically tell you, ‘Getting the client to write!’.

Keyword Rich Content is a Must

You can have the fanciest site with the best graphics and spend wads of cash on the latest website promotion strategies, but if you don’t have high quality, keyword rich content the search engine spiders will never find you. If by some stroke of luck they do find you, they won’t rank you very high. The industry phrase seems to be; “Content is King”.

Writing with Keywords in Mind

Okay, it’s there’s obviously a little more to it than just writing a few pages. Here are a few guidelines to get you started writing:

  • Do thorough keyword research. – Find keywords that people are actually searching for and develop a website to answer their questions. Very soon, I will add links to some free keyword reseach tools.
  • Choose a keyword phrase. – If you have a website to promote your credit repair business and you want to focus on home foreclosures, pick one of the phrases from your research and use it as a theme for that page. As an example, let’s use “Avoid Foreclosure”
  • Write for search engines. – Without overdoing it, pepper that term into your page. You should alos use terms similar to it like; “avoiding foreclosure”, “how to avoid foreclosure” ways of avoiding foreclosure” and so on. Just make sure that you have used the keyword phrase you are going after, more than the secondary keywords.
  • Write for people. – I’m sure you have seen it before, websites that just don’t read well. It is difficult, but get creative and you can often times place a keyword phrase like; “foreclosure help fast” in a bullet list or even a question like, ‘Do you need foreclosure help fast?’.
  • Write 300-500 word pages. – You can write more, but it is not really necessary. Obviously, I have written way more than that on this page, sometimes it is nearly unavoidable.
  • NO TYPOS! – Misspelled words are a real turn off for your readers, as well as search engines like; Google, MSN, Yahoo, DogPile, etc.
  • Make your page “scannable”. – Most people don’t read, they scan. Use bold and italicized words and phrases. Use a header that defines each paragraph or two as I have done on this page. Remember, Google doesn’t “read” either, it scans. Give the search engines what they want, scanable copy.

Get Started Writing with Keywords

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just write something, no matter how bad, and you will be light years ahead of most of your competition. One of my friends started a blog and to this date has really only written short little ads, yet his blog ranks quite high for his keyword terms. When it comes to writing with keywords, writing anything is better than writing nothing at all. Using the techniques I have outlined above should give you head start on other websites in your market.

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