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Just thought I would let you know, that there are now a total of 9 kids in school. I made a deal with them that if they would go to school everyday for 2 weeks, I would buy them button up shirts and long pants.

Yesterday when I checked on them, all but one had not missed a single day. The one who missed had a birthday and said he went to some relatives if I understood correctly. I thought that was a pretty valid reason, so he got a shirt and pants too. Now they need shoes, so I told them they would have to wear their flip-flops until I had more money, or more people helped.

I would’ve taken a video, but it was dark and that doesn’t work so well with my phone. I do have a couple videos which I sent to my sister Sherry and have added a link for you. This was taken 2 weeks ago. Sherry wanted to have a direct connection with one of them, so I asked who had a facebook account and a couple of them did. Apparently they get access at an internet cafe on occasion. The boy in the video is Kempe and he is such a great kid. Both weekends he has showed up at my house and just pitched in and started doing dishes, and cleaning the bathroom. He can come over anytime! Next weekend I told them to come over and I would make them spaghetti. It’s quite common down here, but not for street kids. the time I took them to the beach, one of the kids had never even heard of it before.

This is turning out to be more expensive than I originally thought. Here is where we’re at:

Currently, each student has 2 white t-shirts, 2 pair of shorts, I button up shirt and a pair of long pants.

ASAP, each student will need at least one more pair of pants, and perhaps 2 t-shirts, a pair of tennis shoes and some school supplies. Some of the kids have no money for food, so I have worked out a deal with a nearby cafeteria to provide breakfast ans lunch for the 2 brothers; (Joren, and his little brother “Remarkable Raymark”). Every Monday, I give the lady the equivalent of about $10. One of the boys, Filimino, the birthday boy, has no money for lunch. Not sure what to do about that. I gave him 100 pesos, which is about $2.50, but I’m sure that was gone last night. I would like to make an arrangement for him near his school, so he can get 2 meals a day also. Anybody want to sponsor him? He really is a great kid. Not sure if he has facebook and his English is not so good, but that will change if we can keep him in school.

On the weekends they wear the dirty, worn out clothes you will see in the video. My gf has offered to go to the Ukay-ukay, which is their version of a second hand store to pick up some cheap clothes. Ever wonder where all the clothes that don’t sell in our thrift stores go? It goes to countries like the Philippines, where it gets marked up to like $1 for a t-shirt. It’s still cheaper than buying new tho and it’s more cool to wear something from the US, UK, Australia, etc. Weekend and after-school clothes is kind a low on the list for now tho. that will have to come later.

For those of you who would like to help out, here is the link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=B6Q96PAJTM9UL

Thanks again to all of you who responded. You don’t know how much it means to these kids.

God Bless,

Here are the two videos I sent to my sister. Unlike most Filipinos, Kempe doesn’t want to go to America. He wants to stay right here in Dumaguete. 🙂
YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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