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Social networking has taken the world by storm. No longer a popular youth phenomenon, social networking websites have made a vast impact on globalization. There exist today vast communities across the world transcending the barriers of nation and region.  Social network marketing is a very effective internet marketing tool. It has achieved the distinction of becoming the number one growth area in internet marketing.   Businesses implement two basic methods to market through social networking.

  1. Viral marketing campaign: A viral marketing campaign optimizes the greater effect of a social network whereby information is relayed in a somewhat pathological manner. Word of mouth campaigns have been used in the recent past by businesses of all forms where a popular slogan or a catchy phrase is made popular by repetition. This is a very effective method of gaining the maximum benefit from social networks as they have a high presence of youth who focus on latest trends.  Marketers create such trends by studying the behavior and reactions across a social network.
  2. Buying advertisements: This method is the more traditional approach of internet marketing wherein a business directly or indirectly buys certain advertising resources and facilities from another business.  This form of marketing has come into the light more so because of the global effects of networks.   A customer or a business is no longer confined to expressing their views over a small network of close friends.  Social networking allows businesses to in a way outsource their need for advertising and at the same time gain a presence on networks that create a regular flow of customers.

The main advantage of an effective social internet marketing strategy is perhaps that the reach and the scope of advertisements are expanded exponentially. It is basically a numbers game where a particular mail message of a banner ad on a website reaches out to hundreds of thousands of people. The main advantage of this is simply not in terms of cost but also in terms of the awareness of any product. Internet marketing strategists have studied and developed many models to exploit this feature. For instance an email that supposedly goes out through popular communities on a social network has far reaching advantages when one considers creating the need of a product. Besides it is also a quick and effective way of getting the message across to potentials and also creates a reserve of potential customers who may not necessarily buy at the instant but are influenced in time over the growing trends across the social network.

Internet marketing strategies over social networks has also created a new latent form of merchandising and endorsements. There is a strong celebrity presence all across major social networking sites. What many companies have done is with proper permissions and rights they have managed to set up celebrity accounts which target at not necessary selling the product directly through the celebrity medium but look to popularize the product through more subtle ways of advertising. The impact of social networks in our lives is vast and growing at a very high rate. Internet marketing and marketers can maximize their presence through the medium of social networks that allow for a personal touch to be rendered onto the target customer.

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