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TTNThe Trump Network (TTN) ,which is being fathered by Donald Trump, is creating a lot of hype whether it is a scam or not. This is an MLM based business structure that is being initiated by Donald Trump. He is well known figure as he has proved himself in the field of real estate and then by appearing in the TV show- THE APPRENTICE and now he is gaining the attention of the world by offering a business opportunity to literally everyone into The Trump Network. There are different views whether it is a scam, a mere means of ripping people of their money by Donald Trump or is it a legit and valid business network



The Trump Network and its products

The Trump Network is a multilevel marketing opportunity where customized health products like vitamins and nutritional supplements are being offered. There is the revolutionary privatest, a product which is is being devised in such a manner that it eliminates all the confusion and by using this you can come to know what supplements your body requires the most. Then, there are experts that take a close look at your test and then, recommend the customized vitamins and nutritional supplements for you. `

The Trump Network- MLM business model

• The Trump Network offers a marketing opportunity, encouraging folks to take control of their financial welfare and security in their own hands.
• You can become a distributor of the products being offered by The Trump Network and can earn commissions and bonuses as being defined in procedures and provisions in this marketing business opportunity.
• There is a FastStart-to-Profit purchase that enables you to earn seven levels of FastStart-to-Profit bonuses that range like (0, , , , , , ). This FastStart program is being devised you that you can become a part of this network in a very convenient manner where you are being provided with a personalized website and multimedia CD / DVD presentations.
• There is one requirement to become a Trump Marketer and that is that you will have to buy a marketer kit and then, you will be receiving commissions on product sales and you will be able to buy products at whole sale rate.
• If you sponsor 5 more people, then every time, one of your recruit takes the benefit of FastStart program, you get 0 bonus.

The Trump Network- an MLM scam or not

The Trump Network is not another MLM scam. It offers a very solid and different type of business opportunity where you can earn income and profits. It has been mentioned by Donald Trump that this network has been established keeping in mind two factors- to provide people with quality health products in form of required vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements and second factor is the aim to enable folks becoming financially independent by becoming a part of this kind of marketing business opportunity.

The Trump Network- a legitimate business opportunity

The Trump Network offers a legit and valid business opportunity where you can earn your share of commissions and bonuses. but the most important thing is to bear this fact in mind that you are required to do a lot of hard work if you want to excel in this marketing business opportunity and this is the only way, through which you will be able to earn a lot of income.

  1. Comment by Trump Network
    February 28, 2011 @ 12:53 am

    I’ve been with the Trump Network for a year and have found it to be easy to build with the Trump brand, and the leaders stand behind their products and their decisions with integrity.

  2. Comment by Dave Pike
    May 17, 2011 @ 3:15 pm

    Hey Dave…I’m surprised I haven’t heard much recently about TTN. Is anything happening lately? Up until recently The Donald’s focus was on running for Prez. I signed up with TTN in summer of 2009 when there was lots of buzz, but it seemed to fizzle. I’m starting to have good results with a supplement called Protandim. Seems to be a legitimate breakthrough & what a video they have. I’m curious…..Is there much growth with TTN? Anything new coming? Conventions? davepike@windstream.net

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