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I just thought I would share the good news. Of the 9 kids we sponsored, 8 are in school and doing very well (Filimino decided school wasn’t for him).

We met with the teachers for 3 of the students and they were singing their praises. They also said that if they do well, they can test out of the grade they are in and move up! Romel is 16 and is in the 3rd grade, so the teachers are hoping he can move up a grade or two this year. The 8 kids are spread out across 4 different schools, so I will try follow up with them next week. The kids stay in contact with each other and from what they are telling me, all of the kids are doing really well. If what they are telling me is true, 4 of the students have had perfect attendance. The only reason the others missed, was because the social worker told them they had to attend a seminar. The principle is going to have a discussion with the social worker about that, so it won’t happen again.

I am now out of funds and would appreciate any help you can afford. For the most part, each student has at least 3 white shirts, 1 pair of pants and 2 shorts. 3 of the kids now have shoes, but the other kids are going in flip-flops or borrowing shoes from others. One of the book bags was already falling apart, so I bought a better one to replace it. Not sure how long the others will last. since Filimino dropped out, I now have an extra uniform and his book bag.

My Plan
Some of the kids have been spending a few nights at my house, rather than on the street. It’s really hard for me to tell them to go home, when they don’t have one. While I enjoy their company, it’s not a permanent solution. I would really like to rent a boarding house for them. It will cost roughly $25/mo since it’s only one room with a shared kitchen/bath. One of the street kids (not in school), Patrick, is 19 years old and still sleeps on the street. He is a great kid and has always watched out for the little ones. I would like to ask him to stay there and act as a guardian. He has pretty much been doing that anyway, sleeping on cardboard on the sidewalk with the rest. With your help, I would like to buy some minimal supplies like; rice & a rice cooker, mattresses, an electric fan, sheets/blankets and some toiletries. I’m sure other things will come up once we get started.These kids have been very independent all along and have no other choices available to them. Without starting an orphanage, I think this is the next best thing. They can come to my house for dinner and I can even send them home with something for breakfast. I am open to suggestions, but I think this is the best plan so far.

If you can help, here is the link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=B6Q96PAJTM9UL
If you are unable to help, please remember them (and me) in your prayers.

3 Filipino Students
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